McCash Clock Company
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Cleaning and overhaul.
This is a complete service that includes dis-assembly of the movement, ultrasonic or hand cleaning, bushing work, pivot polishing or replacement, tooth repair or replacement, or anything that the clock needs to bring it back to the best condition possible.
The McCash Clock Company Services
At McCash Clocks, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 
Routine maintenance

House calls.
When a clock does not need an overhaul.  This service includes inspection, oiling and lubrication of the movement.  It is a non-warranted service but often one that will keep you clock running for some time.  
​When a clock is too large for the client to bring to the shop, we go to the clock.  The usual service includes inspection, oiling and lubrication, case leveling, beat adjustment, hammer adjustment, and anything that can be done in-house to make the clock run or run better.  We can also pick up the clock to bring to the shop for more complete procedures. 

Photos by Tim Poly.